The first ever virtual “in person” event that includes Document Collaboration, Document Signature and live video conferencing in one program.

Nlitntec is the only online service to provide secure document collaboration with live document signatures all while participating in active video conferencing.

Additionally, Nlitntec is introducing its exclusive photo id signature feature. Therefore, when a document is signed, a photo id is attached to the signature field in the document. With this innovation, a completely signed document has the images of the parties embedded with the parties’signatures onto the document itself. This innovation is saved and stored electronically and also appears on the document when the document is printed. Now, and, as a security matter, it is possible to place a face with the party who signs the document. This new innovation serves to eliminate mistaken identity on signed agreements and to eliminate the guesswork in attempting to read and relate a signature to an individual signee.

Nlitntec document collaboration service is currently the only real time signature service that allows the host to make live edits to documents while entering the names of parties and witness anywhere across the globe. A contact or other forms of agreements may be signed immediately and in real time without unforeseen delays or subsequent disputes relative to whether a document has been signed by the parties in interest.

Unlike other signature services, Nlitntec provides its all-in-one service so that individuals can sign more then one document during a single event. Therefore, all the documents and supporting documents required to complete a transaction can be signed during a single meeting and without the need for there to be separate logins or several signature events.

Nlitntec focuses on the security aspects of a meeting. With over 20 years of providing video conferencing and secure document exchange services, Nlitnetec has a full understanding on how to make each video experience secure and isolated.

With the Nlitntec platform, there is no need for video guests to set a password and take a picture of themselves. Through the Nlitntec innovation, video guests can be verified based on the email invitation, since the Photo id is taken at the time of entering the platform through a password that only the guest will know. This system prevents non participants from trying to sign or act for another party even if live video conferencing is not used.